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Swift Action. Thorough Investigation.

When cyber incidents strike, our response is immediate. We analyze, act, and ensure your business recovers rapidly.

Constantly on guard for you

Unified expertise, delivered end-to-end

Take advantage of expertise as a service at unprecedented scale and depth, with the combined knowledge of Australia’s top cyber security specialists.

Always-on protection

Know that your organisation is always protected by our 24x7x365 Cyber Security Operations Centres in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Wellington NZ.

Assurance to achieve real business outcomes

With Australia and New Zealand’s leading cyber security experts in your corner, you can do more than just comply with security regulations – and deliver what really makes a difference to your business.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, threats evolve faster than most organizations can handle. In the digital age, cyber threats are ever-evolving, but so are our strategies. When an incident occurs, the clock starts ticking, and immediate action is essential.Our dedicated Incident Response team brings expertise from countless successful mitigations, leveraging cutting-edge tools and strategies to control the situation swiftly.

With every incident, there’s a story. Our Forensics professionals trace this narrative, identifying the culprits, their methods, and any weak points in your defenses. This meticulous examination not only resolves the present crisis but also fortifies against future ones. Post-incident, we work closely with you, offering detailed insights, feedback, and training to bolster your cybersecurity measures. Our commitment doesn’t end with resolution. We continue our partnership, ensuring the lessons learned translate to stronger defenses and a better-prepared team.

Incident Mitigation & Deep Forensics

A cyber incident can be a storm, but with us, you have a reliable anchor. Our incident mitigation is grounded in a combination of swift action, in-depth analysis, and clear communication. We begin by assessing the immediate impact, then move rapidly to contain the breach, leveraging industry-leading tools and methodologies.

While the technical response is underway, our communication experts ensure all stakeholders, internal and external, are kept informed, addressing concerns and mitigating potential reputational impact.

Recovery is more than just restoring services; it’s about learning and adapting. Once the immediate threat is neutralized, we collaborate with you to improve your security posture, ensuring the likelihood of recurrence is minimized.

An incident leaves traces, digital fingerprints that tell a story. Our Forensics team is adept at reading this narrative, combing through vast amounts of data to uncover the truth.  Through sophisticated tools and techniques, we reconstruct the attack vector, identify compromised nodes, and trace back the origins of the breach.

These findings not only help in legal pursuits and compliance but also shape the future of your cybersecurity strategy. Collaborating with your IT teams, we help patch vulnerabilities, train personnel, and fortify defenses, turning an unfortunate incident into a stepping stone for a more secure future.

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